August 8, 2021: Teaching In 2021#

I will be teaching Programming Languages and Machine Learning. I have taught both courses many times in the past. But due to COVID, both courses will be offered 100% online. In this article, I will write about the challenges and opportunities with online teaching, and offer some advice to students to optimize their experience of virtual lectures.

August 10, 2021: A preview of machine learning#

Under the course code CSCI 4050U, I will be teaching an introductory course on Machine Learning. This is the fastest evolving field in Computer Science, and so I feel extra motivated to keep the topics up to date. Even though the course is at an introductory level, every time I offer the course, I still find myself redesigning about 50% of the content so that it feels fresh and modern. This year will be no exception.

September 20, 2021: Connecting to Websites with self-signed certificates#