Ken Pu

Associate Professor

Ken Q. Pu


I'm an associate professor in Computer Science at Ontario Tech University (formerly UOIT). My expertise is in the general area of databases and information systems. I have been particularly interested in novel data processing techniques and applications of database systems.

Research Activities

  • Database systems, especially indexing structures for Internet scale query processing
  • Novel queries and their evaluation algorithms
  • Novel applications for databases and query languages
  • Data Lake and Open Data on the Web
  • Statistical and linear algebraic queries in data science
  • Applied machine learning in the context of databases

Selected Publications in Recent Years

  1. F. Nargesian, K. Pu, E. Zhu, B. Bashardoost, R.J. Miller: Organizing Data Lakes for Navigation, SIGMOD Conference 2020, p. 1939-1950

  2. A. Beirami, K. Pu: Towards Optimal Snapshot Materialization to Support Large Query Workload for Append-only Temporal Databases., BigData Congress 2018: p. 268-271

  3. F. Nargesian, E. Zhu, K. Pu, R.J. Miller: Table Union Search on Open Data, VLDB 2018, p. 813-825.

  4. E. Zhu, K. Pu, F. Nargesian, R.J. Miller: Interactive Navigation of Open Data Linkages, VLDB 2017, p. 1837-1840 (Best Demo Award)