Database Research Group

Welcome to the research homepage of the Database Research Group at UOIT.


We have a bunch of people.

  1. Ken Pu, faculty

    Associate professor in Computer Science
    Faculty of Science, UOIT

    Dr. Pu’s expertise is in the area of databases. He is particularly interested in algorithms and methods to handle very large scale data sets, such as Open Data, and data on the Web.

  2. Mohamed Helala, PhD candidate

    Mohamed has been working on scalable computer vision systems that are powered by controllable stream pipelines. His research draws from both computer vision and database systems.

    Mohamed is co-supervised by Dr. Faisal Qureshi, and is currently working at CIBC. He is expected to complete his PhD in the fall of 2018.

  3. Amin Beirami,

    Master in Computer Science
    Started in January 2017

    Amin has been working on integrating blockchain technology into the relational database system. His research objective is to create an immutable temporal database based on cryptographic signatures.

  4. Andrei Stoica,

    Master in Computer Science
    Started in 2018

    Andrei is interested in applying machine learning to perform deep analysis of Web data. In particular, Andrei is working on semantic understanding and topical analysis of text databases using embedding vectors and deep neural networks.

  5. Michael Valdron,

    Master in Computer Science
    Started in 2018

    Michael is working on the integration of classical artificial intelligence with modern database systems. His research is to create intelligent database engines that can perform active planning, optimization and other high-level reasonings.


We have a bunch of projects going on.

  1. Open Data

    The Open Data initiative refers to governments and instutitions releasing operational data to the public in a transparent fashion. For instance, the Canadian government is making nearly 1,000,000 data files available for public review. The topics of the Canadian Open Data range from agricultural development to government funding.

    The Database Research Group is motivated to invent new database technology to power the next generation of Internet scale open data initiative.

  2. Machine Learning & Databases

    ML and databases have always maintained a symbiotic relationship. ML needs the data from databases for training and verification, while the database engines should integrate ML as part of its standard data query facility.

    Our group is working on integrating ML as part of the data processing query pipeline.

  3. Constraints and Data

    Solving instances of problems that involve large volume of data is difficult. For example, it is a well known challenge to arrange university teaching schedules when thousands of students and hundreds of courses are involved.

    The Database Research Group is working on integrating planning, optimization and other reasoning capabilities into the data analytics pipeline.

  4. Your idea goes here

    Research is about exploration. While we are actively engaging in a number of on-going projects, the research group invites you to join us with original and exciting ideas to push the boundary of data driven systems.

    Let’s write elegant code, and build innovative systems.

    (let [languages ["clojure" "go" "python" "kotlin"]
          databases ["postgresql" "rocksdb" "kafka"]
          apps      ["web" "mobile"]]
      (for [lang languages
            db   databases
            app  apps]
         (println "We build" app "using" db "in" lang)))


You can access the teaching material at library

  1. Graduate Courses

    • CSCI 6220U: Advanced Database Systems
  2. Undergraduate courses

    • CSCI 2000U: Scientific Data Analysis
    • CSCI 3055U: Programming Languages
    • CSCI 4020U: Compilers



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