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Ken Pu

Associate Professor
Computer Science / Faculty of Science, UOIT


Email: ken.pu@uoit.ca


Faculty of Science, 2000 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa ON, L1H 7K3

Office and telephone: See here

Graduate Students

Mohamed Helala

PhD Candidate in Computer Science

Developing the theory and system of scalable streaming systems for computer vision applications.

Adele Hedrick

Master in Computer Science

Building a mobile recommender system

Amin Beirami

Master in Computer Science

To be decided.

Undergraduate Students

Joshua Lemmon

Honours Thesis in Bachelor of Science (Computer Science):

Relational Learning

Andrei Stoica

Honours Thesis in Bachelor of Science (Computer Science):

Application of Neural Networks to Source Code Analysis

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  • (March 1, 2017): Welcome to Amin to the group

  • (Feb 1, 2017): Congratulations to Michael

    Michael has successfully defended his Master’s thesis.

  • (Jan 3, 2017): Research leave

    Happy new year.

    I will be on a six-months research leave starting January 1, 2017.

  • (Dec 14, 2016): Services

    I have been asked to provide reference letters for job applications and graduate studies. Please be advised of the following:

    • Part of your request should include why you think I should be able to adequately reflect your qualities as a candidate. Remind me your achievements and accomplishments that I can refer to.

    • Allow me at least two weeks to compose the letter. This gives me enough time to write a thoughtful letter to maximize the chance of success.


Past courses

Current courses

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Open Data is the hottest addition to the Web. Back by various nations and governments, millions of open data sets are being released by authoritative sources. This is a vastly valuable opportunity for data scientists to gain greater insights into a multitude of social and economic issues.

In collaboration with Toronto, we are building an Internet scale data integration system specifically designed for finding linkages in Open Data.

Your mobile phone knows more about what’s going on than you realize, and therefore, it should be able to make better recommendations that it’s doing now. In this project, we are building a new mobile based recommender system that can safely and privately observe its environment, deduce the situational context, and make more sensible recommendations to the user.
There are over 1.5 million IMDB movie entries, and roughly the same number of pixels on a mobile device. Is it possible to build an algorithm to map each movie to a single pixel for the purpose of data visualization? We are looking into ways of discovering graph structures based on a relational database, and then use the graph structure to generate a pixel level data visualization of (up to) millions of relational entities.
Computer Vision algorithms are challenging to implement. The data input is a big data stream, and the intermediate processors often require fine tuning. We are investigating the applications of streaming database technology to enable rapid development, deployment and tuning of computer vision workflow by the means of formal streaming algebra and structural optimization of algebraic expressions.

If computers can play Go brilliantly, why can’t we use our mobile phones to solve general puzzles?

The reason is that we don’t have a great algebra (and an interface) to enable user access to the powerful constraint solvers. This project is to investigate the design and feasibility of such constraint solving interfaces (either as an application, or a special purpose programming language).




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